Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This week

This week since my daughter ventured back to school I have been cleaning up some ebay finds and flea market treasures.  I have table vise that needed a bit of love along with some files I purchased for one dollar.  I also purchased and I think I squealed when an anvil of 75 pounds was purchased for 20 dollars.  Yep 20 bucks.  Shipping cost me about the same amount, but that is less than the usual dollar or more a pound I have been expecting to pay.  If you buy on ebay and really want something I think you stop breathing for the last five minutes of the bidding.

These are some rough pictures of my purchases after being cleaned or in progress.  The anvil just lost its label and is about as far as I got with it today.  Tomorrow we have a date with a grinder!  Man I love me some Tools. 

My hand finally healed after a bit over 2 weeks yet its numb a bit and I still cannot bend it.  It will return to normal soon I can feel progress in movement everyday with more feeling.  Can openers are nasty little things aren't they?

chisels, files oh my!



I carve stone why I have the chisels.  I think I have way too many but love is love.  
I will not win any awards for my pictures today.    It really is rainy and cloudy here today most likely the reason.  Well my daughters first soccer game is tonight so off I go.

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