Friday, December 31, 2010

I love taking tours of  homes to see where they scored their favorite items and to see why they made the choices they did. 

The  website is called Apartment therapy and is  a peek into homes with interviews.   I find myself going here often.

A New Way to Approach Resolutions

If you are celebrating from home  here are some fun ideas to make your own Decorations

On the eve of our new years resolutions I had been thinking about how I wanted to approach my list.  I came across a blog  where the lists weren't listed from one to ten but rather monthly.  I adore this idea given most resolutions are not kept or finished.  It takes thirty days to destroy a bad habit and to start a  new one!

Wonderful.  So I will be making twelve one for each month of the year.  Monthly goals rather than the dreaded resolutions!

If eating more healthy or adding more vegetables to your life is one of your resolutions:

Took me a second to realize this was a hat. 


Healthy edible underwear

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Life Resolutions

I saw this and loved it! 

This was a wonderful surprise of color after our snow storms!

I hope your Wednesday is going smooth!

Don't throw out those outdated coupons!

Did you know that Commissaries will accept coupons up to six months old ?  I did not either!

Overseas military bases will accept expired grocery coupons up to six months from their expiration date as well as non-expired coupons. We just recently learned of an overseas military base that needs coupons, and they have given us permission to share their information with you. For the cost of postage, you can help our military families save big every month!

Here is a really easy way to support our troops without leaving your home!  The most desirable coupons are for household items such as diapers, toiletries, and laundry soaps. 

Read more about this and the necessary  addresses here:

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Let it Snow!

Well we had a wonderful Christmas Complete with

SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        In Alabama no less

Hope your day was everything you wanted it to be!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tree and the Cat attack!

The Tree

The tree this year right before it was attacked by my cat!  I was standing in front of this cute tree when I pondered the thought of maybe going blue and silver next year when suddenly my cat jumped from the entertainment center on to my tree causing it to fall over.....Let us skip to the end and say only three ornaments broke!  For all the chaos that is a Christmas miracle of sorts!

I do not have the heart to show you the aftermath, but all is back to pretty!  

I do have some work to show you and have been meaning to, but I think I will create more over the holiday and present everything after.  I have some copper, given the silver prices make me weep, and a ring I made myself for Christmas,  another I made for the shop.  See I am not totally selfish! 

Have a wonderful Christmas if you do  not see me before then.  I hope you get everything you desire and deserve!

Kathleen xxoo

Saturday, December 18, 2010

This is Ms. KiKi enjoying the warm house and perched up on the couch to avoid those annoying dogs!

This is her saying  "Beat it!"

I am still around just relaxing and letting this Christmas sink in.  Taking it slow.  Hope you and yours are enjoying your holiday!  I have some chocolate chip cookies with walnuts and milk with my name on it!  See you!

Much love,



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