Thursday, August 18, 2011

Breaking Even

Today was a bit of bad and good all wrapped up into one!

I went for a long run and walked out a few stickers, since it has been so long.  Worked my ass off and came home and could not stay away from cake and ice cream.  Seriously that is all I ate today.  Well I will not hate myself I will call it even!

Temptress #1

Temptress #2

I hope I am not the only one that has days like this! 


Lisa said...

Nope I'm with ya sister! After running around all day I'm sitting on the couch devouring crackers and dip. I'd much prefer your Haagen Daz though!!

resolute twig said...

looks delicious!
and you are certainly not the only one!!

Anna-Karin Hallström said...

Bwahahaha.... definately even.


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I think we all have! It's important not to think of it as of something wrong, every once in a while it;s okay to do something you don't normally do :)

kelli case anderson said...

dulce de leche looks incredible!

Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

Just got home from the gym...Now I feel like eating my screen...
Luckily there is nothing, but bananas {which I dislike anyway} and a few rogue raisins, sweet in the house...

E² - Esther Eve Metalsmith said...

Um, I'm pretty sure you have listed two of my all-time favorite sweet treats. Haagen Daas Dulce de Leche, and Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Did I guess right?

Oh my gosh it sounds delicious right now.

I do the same thing. I'll have a piece of fruit and a tiny side salad with fat free dressing, go workout, and then come home and do something ridiculous like order a pizza.

We all do it, and it's totally fine to do once in a while anyway!


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