Friday, September 30, 2011

This Weekend


This weekend is homecoming in our area .  They actually  let the all the grades out of school, so they can go to the parade, football game, and dance.   We are just  going to see the game and hang with one of my friends.   We met a few weeks ago and he one of the  coaches  for the varsity football team.     Should be fun!  We had a really good time at the last game.   

Going to games makes me think of my brothers games growing up.  He is nine years older  and I was about my daughters age.  I would have my own outfit , pom poms , and cheer  with the cheerleaders.  When I got bored I would  go on the field and hang with my brother.  Running up and down the side of the field probably driving my brother insane! 

 I have picked up my paint brush again and this is what happened!

Wheat Fields

I am so in love with the fact I can open up my house and smell the roses through my open windows.

I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! 

1 comment:

Lori said...

I so need to pick up my paintbrush again. I miss it. I am sure one of these days I will but for now fabric is my paint.


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