Thursday, December 1, 2011


I have a confession.

For years I have been a murderer...

A murderer of house plants.  I have  a green thumb in the yard and can nurse a garden or flower bed into a blooming frenzy!  Houseplants are not as lucky.  I have repeatedly killed orchids and other plants, but now my goal is to raise some indoor plants and have them flourish!

I came across this shop and I am in love and inspired to  have more green surrounding me!  They are mostly air plants which require very little work....a plus for me=)


you can find all these beauties for sale here and all images via flora grubb.


Sybil Ann said...

Love these!

Lori said...

I use to kill all my houseplants until I realized I was over watering. Now I have some African violets that I have had for about ten years. I am doing pretty good now. My jade plant is doing well too.

These flowers you have here are absolutely beautiful.


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