Friday, May 28, 2010

Taking a look into the future

I have been taking this time to find out the proper tools I will need for jewel crafting.  Its like going back to school on some levels.  There are so many things available from blogs all the way to companies posting tutorials.  I just received my flex shaft in the mail yesterday and realized I didn't buy something to hang it on .  there is a newbie for you.  Ill show some of my items when they all arrive in the next few weeks.  oh I also bought the basic jewelers desk.  When you have something like this with so many pieces and you are constantly collecting and gathering inspiration its the organization that will make or break you in my opinion. 

I have also been working toward my goal of fitness in the new year and I'm loving Taebo .  yes I know there are  new and wonderful things out there that I could be doing and I am .  I just really love Billy Blanks and find him inspirational.  I'm doing the amped .  It really is hard to the point I couldn't move for days after completing the amped booty DVD.  I was forced to take an extra day off due to lack of movement.  I also got the Chalene Extreme but I haven't been wanting to start it yet.  I'm doing the Amped till around the 4th of June then I will switch it up and add the Extreme.  I had been stuck in a rut of no progress they call it a plateau.  So upsetting on many levels most will agree so I am trying to change everything every two weeks.  I am still moving slow but at least its moving.


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