Thursday, November 4, 2010

Few new pieces

I  worked my butt off all weekend hoping to add some new things to the shops .  I organized,  get outside, and start taking pictures then huge gusts of wind come slap me around.  They were strong enough to  start taking my props, jewelry, and me out.  I was a trooper and stayed out in that freezing cold for about and hour then said......screw this!  I think the final straw honestly was my procrastination of calling the "tree guy".  There is a branch that is sickly or dead above  my deck  where I was standing.   Better safe than sorry.
I have a few things listed on here and on Flickr, but they  haven't made it to Etsy yet, and I really don't know when they will sadly.  Today is a warm blanket and hot cocoa kind of day!  

Woven Sterling Bracelets

Pod Earrings

Heather Earrings (Shiny Finish)

Large Textured Leaf

Dream catcher Earrings

Hope you are having a wonderful wind free day!

Kathleen xx

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