Monday, December 20, 2010

Tree and the Cat attack!

The Tree

The tree this year right before it was attacked by my cat!  I was standing in front of this cute tree when I pondered the thought of maybe going blue and silver next year when suddenly my cat jumped from the entertainment center on to my tree causing it to fall over.....Let us skip to the end and say only three ornaments broke!  For all the chaos that is a Christmas miracle of sorts!

I do not have the heart to show you the aftermath, but all is back to pretty!  

I do have some work to show you and have been meaning to, but I think I will create more over the holiday and present everything after.  I have some copper, given the silver prices make me weep, and a ring I made myself for Christmas,  another I made for the shop.  See I am not totally selfish! 

Have a wonderful Christmas if you do  not see me before then.  I hope you get everything you desire and deserve!

Kathleen xxoo

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