Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bug Babies

The praying mantis  babies were born! 


They look like little mosquito's !

We set them free, because apparently you have to or they are so hungry they start killing each other!  That I didn't know.   We are ordering 1,500 ladybugs and building some ladybug homes !  Also on the list are  more praying mantis eggs.  I am  all about natural solutions, rather than chemicals being sprayed in  my yard .  

When you make butterfly and ladybug houses, you put a beneficial lure in the boxes that make them set up shop and stay in your yard!  I think that is really interesting.   

The cocoons are formed for the butterflies! 

 Oh how I love this time of year!  

A nook I am wanting to put in  my yard under my trellis.  Climbing of my favorites!

via 79 ideas

We are leaving to go pet some baby animals!  Lions, panthers, monkeys!  I will take pics!  So excited.

Have a wonderful Weekend! 


Kenda said...

New follower from BlogFrog - hope you'll come by and say hello!

Honey said...

I could just imaging my 10 year old going nuts over those praying mantis. We'll have to try that some time. Love this time of year too!


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