Saturday, April 16, 2011


This week .

1.   This cup gives me inspiration just looking at it! 

2.  This mouse is perfect for my daughter!

3.  This rug is.....Amazing!  The colors and texture....!

4.  This artwork is unique and interesting.  Marcus Levine's nail sculptures are a vision of beauty.

via fubiz

5.    Isabelle  Abramson's Pottery  is delicate, beautiful, works of art.


via wehearit

7.  Something that should be on the back of all dishes I think!  Dishmasher Safe. via andywibbels

8.    This really looks amazing and is on my to do list to eat this weekend!

photo by Judd Pilosoff via delish

9.  This lady is so talented and constantly is making beautiful things for her home!  Lisa you are amazing=).

via shine your light

10.  These chocolate eggs  look so tasty and something I will be trying for Easter!


via gracious rain

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