Monday, November 28, 2011

New Addition

This is Onyx.  The story behind this little guy is a weird one.  My friend had left his lights on and called another  to jump his vehicle .  He couldn't use my car,  because  my jeep was in the shop having the oil changed.  After coming an hour from Birmingham and a few stops in between his friend  arrived to jump the stalled car in my driveway.    When they opened the hood and started attaching the cables this little bugger was sitting inside.  He peaked out and boom he had a home!

I didn't really want another pet, but figured if he came all this way he might as well stay!

Let me just say my current cat Kiki is pissed off royally!  She was hissing  the whole time she was  in the house and doesn't want anything to do with this itty bitty.  Hopefully that will change. 


DalaHorse said...

Onyx is darling....blending cats is an art....i hope things go well.

AnDee said...


Cool Story.
Beautiful Onyx!


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