Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Goodness

Girl Scouts went to a dog show this week and helped judge best in show!  It was fun watching the girls decide who should win. 

Some goodies that came Saturday to brighten up my day, when I needed it most! 

Never to early to put up these pretty watercolors!  Umber does such beautiful work!

I ordered this from Michaela Dawn to match some craft swap fingerless gloves and they came out great!  I think my little one will love them.    The cinnamon soap she sent is .....OMG SO good.    Scoot over and grab some.  She has other scents and her jewelry is beautiful!


resolute twig said...

My umberdove calendar came too :) LOVE it!!

The Sage Leaf said...

Awwwww, you pretty love, your weekend looks delightful, and I'm so honored to have Umber on the same page as me. actually I'm quite giddy to be here on your blog in fact! Giggles!

Thanks sweets!

Kathleen said...

RS- Its amazing isnt it?

M- you are wonderful and your shop is stunning. you are so welcome.


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