Friday, June 25, 2010

Going going going

I have been modifying my shop and getting so much done.  switching out inventory as well as upgrading many to sterling silver and copper.  I have also been trying to get yard work done as much as I hate to do it in the dead of summer the grass isn't going to cut itself!   I really have an issue with hiring someone because it just seems they cut up my flowers.  I have been working on natural fencing like rows of azalea bushes, knockout roses and muscadine on a fence for grapes.  We have run the blackberries on there and honeysuckle.  smells really great.  I know though and I'm starting to see the muscadine is going to be a total headache.  it is just as bad as wisteria plant it and it grows all over.  I will post pictures of the garden once its completed. 

On the jewelry front I have been acquiring everything I will need to start working with sterling silver sheets and reordering my wire and some gemstones that I have been eyeing up.  I have ordered chain as well to get some necklaces in my shop.  I cannot wait to get some smithed jewelry and start taking all the info I have been absorbing in books.  I will put it all to good use.  My only issue at the moment is finding a vise I like.   I love vintage but they are usually really heavy.  We shall see.

Diet and health wise.  I have been doing better since my fall on my butt possibly bruising my tail bone....more annoying than anything I had to take a week off from working out.  I am back at it. 

See you soon.

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