Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Midnight Prowler

This little bugger has been going through my potted plants, eating my lettuce, and driving my six dogs insane!

They treed her  last night.  I guess  I was sleeping so deeply and  didn't hear a thing!  This is the second time you think she would have learned.   There are babies somewhere, because I saw  large and tiny tracks in the mud along  the creek .   

I am hoping she stays closer to the woods.  Maybe  she and the dogs can live peacefully.  Doubtful,  but miracles do happen! 

I think she is after my beautiful tomato plants luckily the dogs are there to stand watch!

who couldn't love this little cutie!   Yes I know they are mean little buggers.... ,but We had a talk before I let her down....Maybe we have come to a peaceful agreement or maybe she will be in the tree again tomorrow.  Time will tell!   

Savannah when she was a baby

 I do have to say though I have  never had better watch dogs than my mini pins.  I have four in total and they let me know everything.   More than I would like at times.  We have a pup named Savannah I have mentioned before and she is a mole hunting machine.  It is funny to watch.  She learned to hunt from the cat and the way so stalks birds, squirrels is hilarious.  She is  tiny and has the attitude of a large doberman.   I hope you are having a wonderful week. 

I am off to scratch more things off my to do lists!  Do I love lists!


Lisa said...

Kathleen I am so sorry to hear about your unwanted guests!! Cute but not so cute in the garden! Good thing you have your watchdogs to take care of business!!

Andewyn Designs said...

Yes, we have those same unwanted visitors....I wish I could find them cute, but it's hard to with the havoc they reap in the back yard!

Lovely blog~


Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

Ants are attacking my garden...
I love lists too! Good luck on the clear off...


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