Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Tornado knocked out the main artery to the county and everyone was without power here.  It was surreal how you could see every star in the sky and nothing in front of your face in the deep of night.  so quiet and dark it was eerie.  The only sounds were emergency vehicles. 

The phones were down and my car battery did a lot of the charging in case they came back up. 
No contact between friends and family was hard.  The only signs of life or information were via radio listening to people tell their stories of loss, ways to help,  and miracles.  One caller was a survivor of the Tuscaloosa tornado and he was inside of big lots while the tornado hit.  In his words he saw the wrath of god and the grace of god in one moment. 

via storm report alabama 2011 tornado sighting

My daughter  and I did have some great mommy and me time during this though.  I taught her rummy, crazy eights, old maid, played some board games, shadow puppets with flashlights, and did lots of yard work/cleanup.  Branches....need I say more!  oh and did I forget?  Cold showers!

We found a cardinal nest among the honeysuckle and climbing roses.  She was so thrilled to finally see some baby birds.  Ava has been throwing seed all over the yard for months so the birds will live in our yard and make homes. 

Her tire swing got a workout!  

Some of our late night escapades.  I think Rosalina is scared of the dark. 

I did have fun just hanging out with my girl though!  so thankful we are safe.


DalaHorse said...

Kathleen....glad you and yours are ok...I'm in Ohio and we've had some very strange weather here....more high winds (very scary), tornado warnings, and rain than i can ever remember. We even had a double rainbow last week my husband shot with his cell phone camera...and that was after some strange weather activity. I hope recovery efforts are swift and that everyone gets the help they need.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh Kathleen, what an experience! So glad you and your girl are safe too. I can't believe you have a birdie's nest in one of your trees after all that crazy weather!

Kathleen said...

thank you so much girls! i am so happy to be safe.

yes the weather has been really bad everywhere lately. amazing that areas who never get tornados are having warnings. hope you are safe during your bad weather.



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