Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Dog the Rat Hunter


Today I was working in the yard planting my tomato plants and I heard a terrible howl.   I looked to see what my two girl mini pins were fighting over and it was a dead rat.  I was relieved and grossed out all in one moment.   

Let me tell you about this rat and our month long battle.  He  has terrorized me and ate through my dishwasher lines, ate holes in my dry goods after the tornado hit.  Scaring me to death a few times when I opened a cabinet.  I have tried all kinds of traps, because with my animals  poison isn't really the answer.

When the power went out for days after the April  tornado's in Alabama, I was grateful to have dry goods and bread.  In one night, my unwelcome house guest, put holes in my surviving food. This left  me with next to nothing.  Upsetting and frustrating, because  we didn't have grocery stores or restaurants. 

So back to the girls in the yard and Savannah giving off a  howling tribal call.  It was funny and cute to watch.  She pranced and walked around the rat, while sounding off  to let me know she was to get  full credit.  Her mother Rosalina sat calmly and just watched  to see my reaction to their gift.  

My cat is spoiled with treats, food, and  the occasional bird  I guess.......

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend!

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