Saturday, July 31, 2010

did you ever dream of selling everything you have or just walking out your door with your favorite things to move?

I don't know if I' am going through a life crisis or what. I really have been thinking of it at least four times a week.  Not sure what that means really. My thoughts run to Italy where I spent a few years during school to learn abroad. I also think of my dad's family being from Puerto Rico and living there to brush up on my Spanish.  The other place is Greece that I think of might be the blue waters that suck me in or to live in a more relaxed place where life is more important than work. I have gazed lovingly at other parts of the country as well where there is rock climbing and visions of green as far as the eye can see.v Feeling like a child every time I see something new with such surprise and intrigue. Maybe.......... Yes!

Coast in Puerto Rico


Tuscany Italy

How could one decide with these seductive pics?
I think at the very least I should start planning a trip. Paging out to do so.... then off to the Bat cave!

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