Monday, July 12, 2010

I have fallen in love

I have always had a love for tools but my addiction to hammers and tools has hit an all time high.  One day I realized I had been looking at them for almost four hours.  Jeez .  This weekend I added some things and made some plans for the drill press and a new soldering station I am putting in within the next month or so.  I really do like how far the backroom we added has come along.  Here are some pics of my current soldering station and desk at this moment.  I know most people like to see others benches and work places. 

It was work but to me was fun to touch everything and find homes for all.  The chair to me this month was so important.  I was sitting on that leather chair in the picture at the tall jewelry desk.  Think I now have curvature of the spine.  One thing I did realize as I was setting up these stations and working.  That this light green table that I salvaged from the previous owner is terrible for taking a beating.  I love it though and will be taking it apart and reinforcing it.  That will be the start of the new desk.  I have a few orders I need to get to!  Things are starting to pick up.  Thanks for looking!

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