Friday, July 30, 2010

I used to live in a large town and had access to many jewelry, metalsmithing classes and always meant to fit it into my class schedule.   Something always came up  with life or lack of room in my schedule.    I forgot about it and moved to a small town and now none are available.  Silly really.  I do like that Connie Fox at Jatyau is coming out with many videos to help the newer smith and to help people progress that aren't able to take classes.  Looking at others work and see the progression on blogs has been fun and interesting as well.  There are a few I' am dazzled by.  I have also developed an interest in leather again.  We used to head to the Tandy store to buy projects when we were kids.  Mixed media  pieces like jewelry using leather  and belts with buckles is really appealing.

I have been watching in amazement on you tube the  videos that are available.  Its pretty amazing  that there are videos for everything you want to do or see.  Don't mind my surprise I am not one for change and fight it every chance I get.  So behind the times yes. 

This also was interesting to me and helpful.   so much information so little time!

This weekend we are heading to some caves I have heard about at a state park to do some hiking.  Pics will be incoming after my adventure.  My daughter told me to hide my neck because of the bats and doesn't believe that they don't suck your blood. 

So have a great weekend and stay safe!

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