Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My baby is growing up!


This is my pet pot belly pig.  His name is Porkchop.   I have had him since November and hes pretty funny with the dogs when he starts to play.  He bucks like a horse and chases them.  He doesn't hurt just his manner of playing that I find amusing.  I have a small orchard and he usually hovers under whatever tree is producing at the time.  Mulberries, blue berries, crab apple, apple, black berry, persimmon, pear, peach, plum is all I can think of at the moment.  He did wipe out my strawberry patch in a five minute feast.   He isn't this small anymore and I will take an updated pic of his large and in charge butt.  He is about forty pounds now and likes to nibble on fingers and poop in his tub I have for him.  He has a small pool durable enough for his need to throw everything through out his pen .  I am so glad I wasn't cheap when I bought him accessories!   Have a Great Day!

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