Saturday, June 18, 2011

Before I Die

 It may look like just another run down building, but it is a constant source of inspiration for locals. 
The wall is called Before I Die and it gives strangers a common question.  It doesn't matter what path you are in life, but it will get you thinking.  What really matters most to me in this world and what one thing would I want to happen, before I die.

This is the brainchild of Candy Chang and this is what she had to say about her project. 

"It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget what really matters to you. With help from friends and neighbors, I turned the side of an abandoned house in my neighborhood into a giant chalkboard to invite people to share what is important to them. Before I Die transforms a neglected space into a constructive one where we can learn the hopes and aspirations of the people around us. If you’re in New Orleans, stop by the corner of Marigny and Burgundy (900 Marigny Street) to add your thoughts to the wall and discover what matters most to your neighbors. It’s a question that changed me over the last year after I lost someone I loved very much. And I believe the design of our public spaces can better reflect what’s important to us as residents and as human beings."


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