Friday, February 18, 2011

RAW , Bread, and Snakes....WTH you say?

The past week I have been soaking up the beautiful weather Mother Nature has passed my way! 

I also took some time to make  some jewelry, and  bake some bread.   Baking bread with a girl that apparently had wayyyyy to much sugar at school,  because of her teachers birthday is not a great idea.   She is just to cute and had so much fun helping mommy. 

Here is  my RAW 6  Ring! 

I saw this today and laughed.  I am not a fan of this bus actually creeps me out!  This was a promotional bus for the Copenhagen zoo.  Very creative !


resolute twig said...

love that ring :)
and that bus is pretty cool :) Glad you have had a good week.

mice_aliling said...

I already love the ring!!! And your daughter looks wonderful!!!

Kathleen said...

Thanks guys!

kathleen xx


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