Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Favorites!

1) A beautiful Picture to gaze at while I wait for Spring!

Picture Via Butterly in my hair

2)  This Dress is Beautiful!

Photograph by gayle brooker


3) Amazing restyle!  This is from the restyle flickr group. 

ReStyle Flickr Group

4) Oh How I love this Purse and Belt! from  Frye's  .

5)  A Rainbow Cake to brighten up any mood! 

photo via one charming party

6)   I am loving this blog.  This is cute and she is amazing! 

7)  I am loving the  ceramics by Gaea!

photo via gaea ceramics


8)  A sunset To remember.

Picture Via Moments of Perfect Clarity


9)  This necklace makes me smile!

photo via kjoo on etsy

10)  Google Envelopes.



mice_aliling said...

I love number 6...I am following her now! And number 8, I am a sucker for sunsets ;)

nova by tess said...

I love that purse. Gorgeous!


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