Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My New Jewelry Stamp!


My new Torch

Won this!  Picture via Miss Umber

Ava just being cute with Savannah

Hanging out

Lights in my trees.......Magical arent they?

Via Tumbler
I hope you had a wonderful day too!  thanks for stopping by to see me!


DalaHorse said...

Yay on the marmalade win!
Yay on the torch!
Yay on the cool looking stamps!
Nice pics too! Happy Days!

Lori said...

Nice pics.

Your daughter is so cute with the dog.

Dont you love winning things through the blogs.

I love the lights in the trees. I love the scene in Dying Young when they are having that Autumn Harvest Party. The tiny white lights every where. I always think of making my house like that.

Molly said...

I don't comment nearly enough, but I'm here. Reading. And looking.
Thanks for lovely images and words.
I've a good friend who's a jeweler and I'm always so jealous of her tools!!

Kathleen said...

thanks so much!

This is my first win through blogs, but I do love it!
Any reason I have to light up my yard and make it magical at night I love! you should go for it!

I appreciate every word and thought=)

kathleen xx


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