Monday, March 28, 2011


1.  I do not think you could go wrong with Red Velvet Donuts!

2.  Free positive thoughts poster from kind over matter.

3.  So true isnt it?

via tumblr

4.  Hidden Memories by Miranda Dijk.   She digitally scans and prints images onto unbleached cotton leaves. 

via poppytalk

5.  I love the idea of making your frames into a large sculpture for your wall. 

Via Hem

6.  Poor Kitty . 

via tumblr, via weheartit

7.  This necklace is to die for and what a talented lady! 

8.  This typewriter is to die for!  I love the color. 

9.  This food blog had me at cake.

Photos via BakersRoyale

via Konstantin Dimopoulos


Lisa said...

That's a fun list.....except for the little kitten (she reminds me of how I used to dress up my own cat in doll dresses - nice!)
Those blue trees make me want to go spraypaint some trees in Easter colors - wouldn't that be fun?
Hope you're well and spring has sprung where you are!

Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

My favourites too...
Loved so many of these while browsing...
Poor Kitty indeed. I hope that was non-toxic at the very least...

resolute twig said...

great finds!
poor kitty!!

Lori said...

You find the best stuff. I love number 2. So so true. And number 7, is very beautiful. My kinda stuff.

SandyLee said...

Love the "Free Positive Thoughts"! They should be posted all over every city;)


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