Monday, March 28, 2011

Wild Weekend

Saturday we got hit with the mother of all storms.  It   was  chaotic  with tornados, hail, and high winds.  I do not usually get worried but....let's say my heart was beating fast.  I honestly have never seen golf ball size hail.   Now I have!    I got lucky my neighbor lost his windshield not just from hail, but he moved his truck at the worst time, and a tree branch  took out his front end.    Going for milk during a severe storm with tornado warning I guess wasn't a great idea for him. 

My seeds I have nutured and babied did survive.   I check my little pots each day like it is Christmas morning hoping and smiling when i see a bit off green popping out! 

I used wooden clothes pins to mark each plant!

I have been busy!

If you are looking for seeds OVM seeds on ebay has a nice selection and I have  never had an issue with the seeds being old or not producing!

I hope your weekend was a bit more tranquil than mine! 


stace said...

wow... quite the herb selection! awesome!

Kathleen said...

Thanks stace! I really love to cook so it really is fun having different herbs to experient with!


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