Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some things from Today

I wanted to share a few things I was loving.

This blog.  She takes clothes that are not attractive and makes seriously cute dresses out of them!

If you have not traveled there yet here is an example to make you!

Before Via Ali Foster

After Via Ali Foster
These Signs Via Sandy Lee's Blog  are exactly what I  needed. 



I have been going a bit crazy on Ebay.....I think I need an intervention.  I will show you what I bought this weekend!

I hope you are having a wonderful Week!


Honey said...

I love your inspirational findings for the day. In particular Emerson's quote about one person having breathed easier because of another. After a rough day with the kids it was what I needed to keep my chin up!

SandyLee said...

Thank you for reading my blog Kathleen! Can't wait to see what you got on Ebay:) xoxo

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

These are all beautiful! Love the quote especially. And the before and after dress - wow! Wish I was just that skilled... I often have good ideas but I',m not always able to execute them lol

Yes I Blog said...

That dress remake is awesome!!!


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