Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fudge Coma and Waiting to Become a Mum

I am not complaining really, but it has been raining for about a week here in Alabama.   So much that the creek or crick (northern  speak)  is overflowing flooding my yard!    This is a nice change mind you from last year, when even doing repeated rain dances  did not bring me a drop! 

I soon will be the proud mum to some praying mantis's my kiddo and I  ordered from Insect Lore.   We are watching everyday waiting for them to crack through the egg case!   

If you have not heard of Insect Lore they are a company that lets you purchase worms, frogs, ladybugs, etc to raise and teach your children about life cycles and responsiblity.  We have done butterflies for years, but her class is raising them in school, so we opted to do praying mantis eggs.!

I have also made some fudge......Martha  Stewart and her fudge put me in a sugar coma last night, while watching Morning Glory!  Here is a picture of them BEFORE I mauled them to pieces!  I am so dramatic right?

I hope your day is going well !  Thanks for coming to see me!

Random adorable animal!  Via weheartit


Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

Tell me more! How are they?

Kathleen said...

The bug babbies will probably be born in about three weeks. one egg will make 200 babies!

i will sure take pics of them all! you have to set them free after they are born otherwise they eat each other!

we will be keeping one or two and feeding them small crickets.


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