Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Weekend

I know you guys like my Sunday Favorites and they will be back next week!   This week I have been starting my shop and trying to get everything listed so I can sit back and say AHHH. 

Actually what I miss is creating.  I have not sat at my bench for over two weeks!  I have been giving my camera a workout though taking pictures and making listings!

Here are a few thrifted  finds that I listed in my shop this weekend.

I made a KFC inspired coleslaw and it turned out pretty good!

and we made erasers

and a butterfly was caught and jailed all by herself!   We fed him orange slices and some sugar water.   He/she was released in the morning to ensure a long butterfly life!


She is so proud!

I hope you had an amazing weekend!   See you tomorrow.


Honey said...

I bet your daughter loves making erasers! I know mine would. Another thing she might enjoy is a project we did last year. We sent away for a caterpillar and watched it turn into a cocoon and then a painted lady butterfly. We released it later and did they ever love that!

Kathleen said...


she did love it. the clay for the erasers though is really tacky so that was a bit frustrating for her!
we did the butterflies for the past three years, but this year her class is doing them so we opted for the praying mantis.

we also did ladybugs!

Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

So cool...
Sounds like a fun weekend.


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