Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I am working on making jewelry from start to finish at the moment and have been looking at some sites that really inspire me and the work I would like to do as a jewelry artist. Maybe they will do the same for you. I would love to see the sites that inspire you as well! I wrote a bit about each one and how they make me feel as an artist to view their work. Although I have been making simple earrings and jewelry to start my business my love is really in the complexity, layering and mixed media pieces most of these ladies make on a daily basis. Here are just a few off the top of my head.


I really love the organic feel of her designs with a sculptural twist.  Her work is imaginary and lovely.  She has both basic jewelry and jewelry she does to expand her mind and creativity.  The word that comes to mind is intriguing.  I really just started looking at her work but fell in love from the start.

Rosy Revolver

I really like her designs and watching her evolve over the past year I have been following her. The designs really are so beautiful you look at them and became a better craftsman just for being in her presence. Her latest pieces are my personal favorites with the stamping and detail. Last bracelet she did. To die for.

Noisy Plume

I really love most of her work because she doesn't stay with a certain type of jewelry or style she switches it up most often to really keep you guessing. My favorites are her sculptural hollow form pieces. Most are eclectic and have a certain pop to them. Brilliance is a word that comes to mind.

Wendy Edsall-Kerwin

Her cuffs flow and are really beautiful to look at. She designs flowing folded silver forms that really have a wonderful impact. I love the sculptural aspect of her designs and they speak to me as an artist. A few of the necklaces she has done if you check out her flickr page are A M A Z I N G !


This designer actually makes me stop breathing sometimes when I look at her work. I come from a sculptural background and her designs really are impressive. I really love how she layers her silver and how she really pulls you into the designs complexity. Some of her designs are true works of art . I can see how in her blog she says they are hard to part with . I would feel the same way . She put her blood and tears into each can tell.

Desert Talisman

The jewelry she has that is layered, aged into beautiful designs. Some have a primitive feel and the feeling they were discovered somewhere while investigating caves and burial grounds. I love the stones, wrapping and textural mediums used in all her pieces.


I really love the simple, raw, and jagged designs she does. The lace is simply my favorite. Can you tell I love movement in jewelry? The jewelry all has a wonderful flow to it that really draws you in.

Metal Envy

I really love the flow and movement of her designs yet they have a clean classic look. They really could go from day to night. Timeless with an edge are the words I think of looking at her wonderful designs.

Holly Wilcox

What I really like about her jewelry is its simple, pretty, delicate, little works of art. That are simple in design yet give a huge impact.

There are sooo many more I could list but I think hand cramp has set in! I have many errands and life situations to deal with today why I posted so early. I have some pictures to share tomorrow that I have taken the past week. See you then......You have a special day!

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