Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Typing today is a chore and so is anything I do with my hands. Yesterday while opening a can I was attacked and brutally slashed. yes I am being overly dramatic! Can openers and the lids are nothing laugh at. Sharp sharp sharp. Did I say sharp? I was at the emergency room bleeding while they tended to heart attack victims and real emergencies. While we chatted to pass the time a woman suggested to me to head to an after hours Doctor they probably would be faster. Never occurred to me. I asked the overwhelmed front desk nurse and she agreed as well. So off I went and 8 stitches later I came home with this!

I should be fine in a week but it really set me back doing some jewelry.  You never realize how much you need your thumb until you don't have use of it.  So from here on out I will have more respect for my can opener and possible fear. Hope you had a wonderful day thanks for stopping by!

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