Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Southern Heat

We finally have received some much needed rain where I live.  Last year was so wet I don't think I had to water once. This year the ground is cracking underfoot with mother nature making designs showing her neglect. The flowers aren't as bright nor is the grass. Finally though she has given us a temporary reprieve.  I really love the summer rain how its  soothing rather than shocking like some rains . When I see the rain coming I  rush out to do yard work especially  this time of year.  We had been getting almost storms. They are storms that tease you and dissipate. It will thunder like crazy and then no rain. Its still hot and steamy after the storms to make you run inside and appreciate the air conditioner like never before. I should write brochures for the south don't you think?  Hotter than hell come on down!

Even with the lack of rain take a look at some pretty things I saw today.   Have a nice relaxing day!

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