Sunday, August 15, 2010

This week has been a bit frustrating because of my thumb and the realization that most movements stretch the skin between your thumb and pointer finger.  I have restorted to taping my thumb to my finger to eliminate accidently causing more harm.         Sigh.....

Inserting something pretty for a mood lift.......

Much better!

   On a brighter note I have been drawing up a storm  some new ideas and buying wonderful cabs for new rings.  Shopping really does take your mind off the pain....Shhh its what I tell myself !  

I will be taking it easy one more week  then I will be posting Pictures of crafted jewelry and maybe a painting.  I have a few paintings  that im working on, but  I am just waiting for them to speak to me to see what direction they want to take.  

Tomorrow I am posting the most amazing meatloaf recipe on my blog.  Most people say....   Meatloaf really?  I say yes and  it really is quite tasty, tender and will change your mind on meatloaf if you do not have fond childhood memories of it.  Try anything and everything once.  Then once more to make sure!   See you tomorrow.

 Hope you had a creative day!

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