Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Photo via Hem
One of my favorite blogs is Annaleena's Hem and this post about cute animals painted with chalkboard paint.  My interest was peaked by what was under them. I like the idea of framing, stretching, and painting a canvas with chalkboard paint.  

A plywood front with a wood frame would probably be better suited for children.

This makes an area for your child to play and as they grow it can be moved over a desk.

I was thinking of making one for my office or kitchen in a smaller scale. The chalkboard would be great for grocery lists, ideas, phone numbers.   I am Loving it framed!

photo by Mark Olson


DalaHorse said...

This post brought back a memory....from childhood...a cartoon i used to watch called Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings. I like your chalkboard idea!

Kathleen said...


I used to watch that as well!

I need options because I never can find a pen in my house!


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