Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fruit Needs a Sweater Too!

This is something fun for this Sunday morning.  I  was looking for some hats and came across this  Etsy shop that has sweaters for fruit and cups!

No way you say?  Let me show you!

Images from natalya1905

I went out to get some bread and milk today, but  what I did  not realize is there is (or was) a storm coming our way.  People are freaking out. A woman had to tell me, because I rarely check the weather.   I think she said something about being stuck inside for days!  Six inches!  This and the barren  shelves made me chuckle.  My daughter will be having chocolate milk with her cereal I guess, but I doubt she will mind!


PS.  Here is a website that is working on a  chart to download that will help you track your business goals for 2011. 

1 comment:

Lady Grey said...

that little apple sweater is the cutest thing ever!


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