Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Chalkboard Love!

Images via: 1. Wet Behind The Ears; 2. and 4. Wit + Delight; 3. Desire To Inspire; 5. Made By Girl; 6. No.15


Lisa said...

My three kids all have chalkboards in their rooms; in my 12 year old son's room I did a whole wall - he writes sports stuff on it & his friends write all over it - I love that! I really, really want to do one wall in our bathroom that I could write big quotes on....wouldn't that be fun?

Kathleen - thank you so much for weighing in about my kitchen hardware. You have that jewelry designer's eye - and the hardware is the jewelry of my kitchen! I have one in both colors in there now, and am letting everyone in the house have a vote (that I will most likely override!)

You're so sweet to stop by and give me your much appreciated opinion - thanks again and hope you have a great weekend! -Lisa

Kathleen said...


No problem at all. I love anything that brings beauty to our lives. I also ask others opinions and then usually say the oppposite!
not that I do it on purpose it just works out that way. I LOVE your blog so coming on there and helping you is a joy!


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