Monday, January 3, 2011

Few things that make me happy

Here are a few things I have absolutely loved this past weekend . 

One are  these pancakes!  I have tried many brands and methods to making my own, but these have stood out.  Something to think about this coming weekend!  (yes I know the week just started!)  

Two is I have been hitting a lot of favorites lately on Etsy and wanted to show you some things I found.  I had  not been a fan of the Activity Feed until I really started looking at it and saw some of the cool things that friends have added as their  favorite's!

This makes my neck warm just looking at it!  Classic look.  I love that it is paired with a leather jacket.

I think this is going to be my purse for summer!  It is always hard for me not to buy black purses, but I think this purse will  stop all that.

Lastly I will be doing a shop update tomorrow.  I thought about adding things today and this weekend.  Had high hopes and dreams it would happen, but with my daughter still home from vacation break until is sort of impossible. 

SO I have some copper , silver, updated pictures of items already in the shop,  and a new web page developement  going on  at this moment.  So exciting!


CrowNology said...

It is 1am and now I want pancakes! Just like those...YUMMY!
Thanks for the birthday wish!
Happy 2011 Kathleen.

Kathleen said...

One day I put chocolate chips inside and topped them with strawberries! Something else to drool over=)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Pancakes... mhmm!!!


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