Thursday, January 13, 2011

Living Jewelry and Terrariums

I have made some terrariums around my house and wanted to share some of the places you can get  ideas and supplies to make your own!  You can wear, make, or dangle them from the rooftops!

West Elm

Here is a moss ring that you can wear made from  bubinga wood and moss.

by cometman and kokeya


Living Necklace By Paula Hayes

by Twig

by teresab123

By Paula Hayes

By Slug and Squirrel

by Slug and Squirrel

By Flora Grubb gardens

Photo by Josh Spear

From the Botany Factory

Here are artists like Paula Hayes that use Plants as living sculptures.
They are called String Gardens and really would give a wow factor in your  home.

Maybe you really cannot let a cactus live and house plants wilt in your presence!  Here is another Idea for the Plant challenged.

I hope you are having a wonderful Day! 


Lisa said...

Wow - never thought to WEAR a terrarium! I've always wanted to try to make one. Thanks for the inspiring photos!

Alyssa said...

They are all so unique! fantastic!!

I saw on etsy today someone has converted old stripper shoes into plant holders, they look amazing - i love peoples creativity involving plants :)

Kathleen said...

I love the idea as well but my indoor plants have to beg for water I can only imagine how long my jewelry box would crave water!

OMG yes I love to look at what crafters use to make such beautiful items!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Bromeliad said...

How crazy. Who would have thought to wear a plant?


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