Saturday, January 22, 2011

January Ring a Week

Yes I waited to the last second to submit!  I have had a crazy month with the kid being home so much.  Between the snow and the holidays,  I have got little done.  Here are my submissions for the month of January.  Better late than never!

And some cute kitty pics!


mice_aliling said...

Those are absolutely darling rings :) Wow! Amazing!

Kathleen said...

Why thanks you!

Lisa Hopkins said...

Your rings are lovely!

Kathleen said...


thanks so much! I am a work in progress, but lovely to hear=)

Molly said...

Your work is really beautiful. Love the 2nd one from the top so much!
(2 black eyes from a head butt? That's impressive!)

Kathleen said...

Yeah children and the pain they cause us by accident, (during their mood swings) or just being silly is amazing!


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