Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lovely Things!

Some Things I Loved This Week

1.  What  a wonderful Swap to make the Winter more Fuzzy!

2.  Something to make them laugh or leave!

3.  Bring a whole new Meaning to working out from Home!

4.  This  Lady and her Hubby made a beautiful  bed on a budget!

5.  Love this Camera Bag!

6.  The best  nursery I have seen in a long time!
7.  What a way to warm your neck without the bulk of a scarf!

pic by quince and company
8.  Get rid of the winter blues and surround yourself with butterflies!

9.  I love making this for dinner and relaxing by the fire!

10. Some things to think about while we plan out our year!


Lisa said...

Awwww you sweet thing - thanks for linking to me! :)

mice_aliling said...

Hello, Kathleen. You have a pretty blog. And I like that fact that you are painting and raising fruits and trees and a kid. Are those your paintings on the right? I like waves as water is my center :)

Kathleen said...

Hi Mice_aliling,
Thank you so much it is always great to hear! Yes those are my paintings on the sidebar. thanks for coming to visit me=)

of course!


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